Do something small each day

Happy New Year! The new year naturally comes with reflection, goals and resolutions to become a more disciplined, better version of you. But now that we’re eleven days into the new year, have you fallen off on some of your goals already? I have!  It can be tempting to think of January 1st as theContinue reading “Do something small each day”

Language learning for busy parents

So, you want to learn a language (or improve one that you already have a foundation in) but you have kids and wonder how on earth you’ll find the time.  I get it.  Having a family is a full time job on top of a full time job for many people. Where do hobbies fitContinue reading “Language learning for busy parents”

Five reasons to set smaller goals in language learning

We’ve all been there–working through our Duolingo trees or course books and dreaming about the big goal of FLUENCY off in the distance. But what is fluency? Fluency for you might be knowing all the words (spoiler alert: you won’t ever know all the words), or speaking comfortably without hesitation or errors (another spoiler alert:Continue reading “Five reasons to set smaller goals in language learning”