Do something small each day

Happy New Year! The new year naturally comes with reflection, goals and resolutions to become a more disciplined, better version of you. But now that we’re eleven days into the new year, have you fallen off on some of your goals already? I have!  It can be tempting to think of January 1st as theContinue reading “Do something small each day”

The benefits of having a language pen pal

Has it been a while since you sat down and wrote a letter to a friend on an actual piece of paper and sent it in the mail?  I always say that my generation (born in the ‘80s) is in an interesting position because we grew up without smartphones and regular internet communication (and socialContinue reading “The benefits of having a language pen pal”

Why you should write (a little) in your target language every day

Hey there, language learner! I have a question for you. How often do you take a piece of paper and a pencil or pen and write notes (or journal) in the language you’re learning? Have you ever practiced your handwriting in another language? Taken time to learn how to handwrite new scripts (and learn strokeContinue reading “Why you should write (a little) in your target language every day”

Five reasons to stop neglecting your writing practice

Writing. It’s that part of your language practice that you’re always putting off. Maybe it’s hard for you in your native language, and it feels nearly impossible in English. You worry that what you write doesn’t sound natural. And who will check it to make sure it sounds good? It’s not like a conversation whereContinue reading “Five reasons to stop neglecting your writing practice”