Choose your best way to learn.

From one-to-one conversation practice to letter writing and editing, you have a few options different options to suit your English learning needs. Explore them below, and if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to contact me.

Pen Pal Program

Writing a letter by hand builds language skills and personal connection. My Pen Pal Program is a direct connection to a native American English speaker. With options for both adults and children, find your new best friend through a handwritten letter.

Conversation Practice

Speaking to natives can be tough and scary. Sometimes they’re speaking so fast that you can’t keep up, and other times you can tell you aren’t understood. 1:1 and group conversation classes offer you a safe space to practice your English with a teacher who gets it.

Editing & Coaching

Working on your next big project and want to have an English writer (+ writing coach) look at it before you press publish or send? I’m here to help you ❤ writing, whether it be a resume, academic paper, blog or a post on social media. Creative work is welcome, too!

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