Conversation Practice

Speak with a native who gets it.

Are you ready for conversation practice with a teacher who understands what you are going through? As a language learner myself, I know what it’s like to feel uncomfortable when speaking a foreign language. Because of this, my teaching style is a bit different than many English teachers. I believe that the most effective way to learn a language is through self-study with support. I can’t learn the language for you (and I can’t make you learn) but I can offer guidance and correction along the way.

Am I the right teacher for you?

  • Are you a motivated learner who studies on your own time, not just during our lessons? This can be listening to podcasts, watching movies, TV or YouTube in English, reading articles, books or social media in English. It does not have to mean textbooks!
  • Are you looking for a teacher who will make note of your mistakes and discuss them with you at the end of the lesson?
  • Do you want a teacher who does not interrupt you while you are speaking? A teacher who doesn’t make you feel embarrassed about mistakes or moments when you feel like you are struggling?
  • Are you looking for a teacher who will give you homework and direction so you can study on your own after class?
  • Do you want to have good pronunciation and clear speech (but you’re comfortable with your accent)?

Yes? Then we’ll be great together.

If you are looking for a teacher who:

  • Does not give homework
  • Works with you to reduce or eliminate your accent
  • Will stop you mid-sentence to correct every mistake in grammar or syntax
  • Practices grammar exercises, reads passages or studies vocabulary lists during the lesson
  • Has a magic formula to make language learning effortless

Then I’m probably not the right teacher for you.

My Teaching Philosophy:

  • Language learning should be fun, not something that feels dreadful or scary.
  • Correction with kindness: I will offer suggestions if you can’t find the right word, but I will not interrupt you in the middle of your sentence to tell you that you made a mistake (then drill you on past perfect progressive tense). We will discuss it after you’ve finished your thoughts.
  • Clear speech and pronunciation are important so you are understood, but your accent is part of who you are. Rather than accent elimination, I encourage accent acceptance.
  • As a teacher, I can provide feedback, direction and support in your studies, but you must do the work outside of class to see results.

One to one conversation

This option is designed for students who wish to practice their speaking and conversational skills in American English with me. It is a fun and challenging way to improve your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, intonation, and persuasion through conversations with a native speaker! We will decide on a topic more than two days in advance. I can plan topics or can suggest any that you’d like. One to one conversation classes are structured to fit your learning goals.

Group conversation

Want to meet other English learners and study with a teacher in a comfortable but lively environment? Group classes are a great way to feel more comfortable when speaking with others. You can expect to hear different accents, personalities and speech styles in group classes, so it is helpful for students or professionals in English speaking environments. All classes take place on Zoom and have up to five students (+ me) per 60-minute class.

Ready to get started?

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