Casa Montessori Student Council

Student Council is held weekly in the Adolescent program and gives space for all students to have a voice in their program.


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Student Council

Physical Expression

Student Council

  1. Attendance: roll call for students, marking those here and not.
  2. Reflection: a quote or short reading that means something to the person running council. Pause for a moment to think about it, and answer any questions people may have.
  3. Finance report: whoever is managing the money, report how much money we have, what was spent in the previous week, and what came in.
  4. Managers reports: each microeconomy section should have a student manager, they would report on progress this week, and any needs they have for the coming week.
  5. What went well this week: during this past week, what went well that someone would like to call out. This is not the same as “thank yous”, in that you are not calling out a specific person. For instance, if the physical expression went well, you would say so here.
  6. Problems this week: what were the problems that were encountered this week. This could be student to student interpersonal issues, issues with the running of classes, problems reaching teachers, etc.
  7. Thank yous: any person you would like to call out to, for doing something you are grateful for this week.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”

William James

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