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Past Assignments:

October 5-7th:

  • Wednesday, October 5th: Review scores and concepts on individual assessments.
  • Starting Friday, October 7th: Split into two groups – Algebra and Geometry. Click below to access your assignments.

Geometry Group

Algebra Group

November 14-17th

We reviewed concepts from both groups together this week and completed the following worksheets. (See Ms. Jesse for the answer key. Have a peer check your answers and sign your math notebook).

November 28th-December 2nd:

  • Monday, November 28th: Review the worksheets from before break (above). We will have individual assessments on Friday, December 2nd.
  • Wednesday, November 30th: Click here for assessment review problems.
  • Thursday, December 1st: Answer key for review worksheet.
  • Friday, December 2nd: Click here to view the Math Assessment for Friday.

December 5-14th:

  • Monday, December 5th: We reviewed the scores of individual assessment and worked out any problems that were challenging as a group.
  • Monday, December 12th: REVIEW! See the review worksheets below. Be sure that you know how to solve the problems for your math group. Work together with peers and check your answers.
  • Wednesday, December 14th, we will have a cumulative assessment on everything we’ve learned so far.

2023 Lessons & Assignments:


  • Section 6-4: One Step Equations. Complete problems 1-71 (odd).
  • Section 6-5: Two Step Equations. Complete problems 1-27 (odd); 63-71 (odd).
  • Friday, January 20th: Students completed a review sheet to prepare for an individual assessment on Wednesday, January 25th. Click here for the worksheet. Please complete problems on a new sheet of notebook paper. Be sure to show your work and box your answer!
  • Monday, January 30th – Friday, February 3rd:
    • Complete 7-1: 1-15 odd, 27-30, 31-39 odd, 47, 61, 63.
    • Complete 7-2: 1-5 odd, 11-17 odd, 31-35, 43.

“Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.”

Shakuntala Devi

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