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January 3rd-6th:

  • Review the lessons we covered on the six elements of fiction before winter break:
  • Now, begin writing your dystopian story! Remember, stories must be appropriate for school. Other things to keep in mind:
    • You must include all six elements of fiction!
    • Be sure to use literary devices to make your writing stronger.
    • A peer will review your story next week using the peer review sheet. I will assign one peer to read your story, but you can choose one this week if you are at this stage.
    • Final stories are due Friday, January 20th.
  • Grammar (4 total) for students who are assigned it.
  • The answer key is on my desk in the black folder labeled grammar. **Be sure to have a PEER check and sign!!**

January 9-13th

  • Grammar (5 total)
  • Continue your dystopian fiction story. This week, we will do peer review. Your story needs to be COMPLETED and reviewed by TWO peers by Friday. Remember: your story needs to include all six elements of fiction! Review the lessons (above) and elements that make a story dystopian if you are stuck. On Friday, you will turn in TWO peer review sheets that peers have completed for you (printed in class, or linked above).
  • Final story due 1/20!

January 17-20th

  • Grammar for this week (4 total, due Friday)
  • **If you did not finish your peer review last week, please complete and turn in!
  • Then, edit your paper according to the suggestions of your peers and turn in a final draft by Friday, 1/20! Your paper should be free of errors and include all elements of fiction!

January 23rd-27th

January 30th-February 3rd:

“The library is inhabited by spirits that come out of the pages at night.”

Isabel Allende

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