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Aug 29th-Sept 2nd:

  • Literary Elements (learning through music)
  • Requirements for this project:
    • Every group should be able to explain which literary elements occur in their song (give examples).
    • Understand what the theme of the song is.
    • Turn in your group packet (annotations, writing, group plan)
    • Create and show video (30 seconds to full song–your choice!)
    • DUE DATE: Friday Sept 9th!

September 6th-9th:

  • Literary Elements project due Tuesday the 6th! We will present during our English block.
  • Grammar Exercises (everyone)

September 12th-16th:

  • We are beginning a project on research writing!
  • Monday, 9/12 Lesson: Research Writing
  • We will begin by learning about expectations, brainstorming, selecting a topic, and understanding evidence-based research. Click here for step one, Selecting a topic. (due 9/16). If you’d prefer to print and write on these forms, just be sure to staple or glue them into your English notebook. (All forms here are due 9/16, check the Monday Lesson for more info!)
  • Grammar exercises for the week. (everyone, due 9/16)

September 19th-23rd:

September 26-30th:

“The library is inhabited by spirits that come out of the pages at night.”

Isabel Allende

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