What I’m Reading – January 2018

What I'm Reading / Sunday, January 28th, 2018

What I'm Reading - Book of the Month / The Woman in the Window

This is a no-spoilers review of The Woman in the Window and my personal experience with the subscription service Book of the Month—a monthly subscription box of the most talked about new titles. A lengthier post about this is coming next week, but here’s a snippet. 

First up, The Woman in the Window:

Wow. So, let me start off by saying that I have been a Book of the Month (BOTM) member for almost a year, but I have been skipping the last few months because I had so many titles in my personal collection that I wanted to get through. No hard feelings, September through December picks—I genuinely just wanted to read poetry and call it a day. I didn’t even log on to see what the selections were. Something about that January it’s the last day to pick your BOTM! email drew me in and I looked at the selections up for grabs. I tottled away with The Woman in the Window and resumed copious amounts of poetry while USPS did their thing.

It had all of the elements that define me and my love of reading:



Probably dark



Ok, you get the point. I’m a little weird.

I don’t often take the “edge of your seat,” “can’t put this one down” bait but this book was really good. I read it in a total of six days—over 400 pages, mother of five, full time English major and writer. I devoured this book. I needed to know what happened next. I read at night and didn’t fall asleep.

The Woman in the Window tells the story of Dr. Anna Fox, a woman with extreme agoraphobia—her fear specifically is anywhere outside of her home. She’s spent ten months inside her home, separated from her husband and child, battling PTSD with a plethora of prescriptions and wine while watching old movies, watching the neighbors and manning an online chatroom with others who suffer from her affliction. I could tell something was off about Anna from the beginning—her speech, her mannerisms—and I just kept devouring page after page while trying to figure out what was up with this character. After a typical day of fumbling around her house to ease the boredom, Anna witnesses a horrible crime in the home of a neighbor, and the rest of the book descends into utter chaos. There are so many twists that I didn’t see coming. As promised, this is a no-spoilers review! This is more of an endorsement than anything. This book was well worth the time I spent feverishly consuming each chapter. And speaking of chapters—I love how the author structured this book. With a total of one hundred chapters (not a typo, 100 actual chapters), each was short and focused. It was so easy to read a few chapters, put it down if need be (kids and pets require food occasionally) and resume again when I had a few minutes (or hours).

If you’re looking for your next weird book to get lost in, I definitely recommend The Woman in the Window.

Book of the Month

If you have a hard time finding new books, I highly suggest checking out Book of the Month. I love to buy and keep the books that I read, so getting new, popular, hardcover books for $9.99 (free shipping) is an awesome deal. Occasionally they release books before they are available everywhere—as was the case with my pick Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance—or you can pick bonus freebees. In 2017, I can’t remember the particular occasion, but I was able to choose Turtles All The Way Down or Stephen and Owen King’s new title Sleeping Beauties. I went with King’s but ended up buying John Green’s book as well. Point is: there are perks, the books are a great price, and it offers five selections across different genres that are—most of the time—well-loved books. They usually have a few new member deals going as well if you want to check it out.

As I said earlier, a lengthier post coming on BOTM next week with my likes and dislikes but as for now, hop on that subscription box! If you’re a BOTM member or read The Woman in the Window and loved it, let me know in the comments below. 🙂 


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